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    INEO I-NC05 Stackable Protection Box for 3.5" Hard Drive V Shock proof, Dust proof, Water proof  


2 sponges set both on top and bottom that reduce the direct shock to the Hard Drive.
Storing your hard drive into the HDD protection case gives it a dust-free shelter.
Stack all your hard drives after placing them into the HDD protection cases. You can save a lot of space.
The case can protect your hard disk drive if liquid is carelessly dropped off.

    * Protective casing for 3.5" SATA IDE HDD/SSD
* Shock proof
* Dust proof
* Water proof
* Stackable
    * Polypropylene (PP) material
* Dimension:112x162x36(mm)
* Steel Grey color
    Package Contents  
    HDD Protection Case
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